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If you need more space in your house, get in touch with the pros at Honor Advisors, LLC to start your home additions project today. We can do exactly what you want and handle every step of the process from the ground up. Our goal is to create a space that you'll love living in within your budget. Dexter Honore and his team provide exceptional home addition and room addition services to homeowners in Baton Rouge, LA. Whether you need more space for entertaining guests or more room for your growing family, you can trust us to help.

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Home Additions

Room Addition Services That You Can Count On Every Time

If you need help with a room additions project at your house in Baton Rouge, LA, make Dexter Honore and the crew at Honor Advisors, LLC your top choice. We take pride in all of the work we do so you're sure to benefit from our dedicated approach to home additions.
Your home is one of your biggest investments so your home remodeling budget is very important. We offer cost-effective additions that your property's setup and layout are sure to benefit from. 
There are many reasons to add on to your exsisting home such as providing extra space for your growing family, and increasing the value of your home.  If you need more space but love your home and want to avoid the hassel of moving, room additions are the best solution.  Don't continue to live in cramped conditions, call the experts at Honors Advisors, LLC today. 

We offer many different types of room additions for your home to fit your families specific needs such as:


  • Bathroom Additions: There are many different reasons to add a bathroom to your home. Whether you're looking to create a master suite, turn a closet into a half bath, or add a bathroom to a floor that doens't have one you can trust our team to handle the job. 
  • Dining Room Additions: Expanding your dinging room can open up your home and really transform your space. Start throwing the dinner parties that you've always dreamed today. 
  • Basement Additions: If you are lacking underground space in your home then a basement addition is the way to go. 
  • Garage Additions: If you have an older home without a garage or need an addition garage, we have the solution. A garage can add value to your home while also providing you more storage.

When we’re finished, your family will love your new space. Trust us—your friends and neighbors will notice, too.

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